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Create a Team

Create a Team

Creating a team is a great way to get motivated to move more, enjoy friendly competition with other teams in your division, location or region and have some fun with your colleagues. A Team Captain is responsible for leading the team over the four weeks.

Team Captain duties include creating a team profile on the Exercise Across Abbott website, recruiting team members, electing a Co-Captain for additional support, reminding their team to report exercise minutes, encouraging their team to increase daily physical activity, and distributing prizes. Team Captains can also connect with other Team Captains and teams to engage in friendly competitions.

Start Getting a Team Together

Between April 9 and April 22, employees interested in becoming a Team Captain can create a team profile (once a personal profile has been created) and invite colleagues to join their team. Each team consists of 5 to 20 Abbott employees, including the Team Captain. To see who might be interested in joining a team, make it a point at your next meeting or break time to ask others about participating in Exercise Across Abbott.

Creating a Team

To create a team profile on the Exercise Across Abbott website, a Team Captain will need to create a Personal Profile first. The team will also need a name, so start thinking of inspiring team names now! It should be something that has a little personality and represents the people of the team. Coming up with a team name is a fun way to engage and motivate your team. In the past, teams named themselves Red Hot Chili Steppers, Blister Sisters & 1 Mister, Cell-u-Light, COMMIT to be FIT, DiaBeatUs If You Can, Drop It Like a Squat, Let’s Taco “bout Fitness, Muffin Top Droppers, to name a few. Just a friendly reminder: Please make sure your team names are in good taste and not offensive!

Here are a few resources to help you become a team captain

  1. Create a Team – follow these simple steps to set up a team.
  2. Understand Your Role – read everything you need to know to get started as a Team Captain.
  3. Motivate Your Team – get tips on how to inspire and motivate your team and increase minutes of exercise every week.

Registration Runs from April 9 to April 22

Between April 9 and April 22, you can edit or create your personal profile, then create your team profile and invite colleagues to join your team. Once you register and create your team profile, you will have access to resources to help you recruit Team Members and organize activities to keep your team active!

If you have additional questions about Exercise Across Abbott, please read the FAQs or contact us.